• Clear sheet-1
  • DSC_2180
  • DSC_2198
  • DSC_2200
  • Diamond sheet
  • Frosted sheet
  • Inner White Line Rod
  • Rod-2
  • White acetal rod
  • black acetal rod 1
  • colorful sheet
  • tube-4

Avoplas is engaged in supply of a wide variety of specialized plastic raw materials or finished plastic products to its customers in industries and commercial areas. Some examples are acrylic materials (acrylic sheets, rods and tubes); PTFE (Teflon) materials, PVC, HDPE, LDPE, Acetal (sheets, rods and tubes), Polycarbonate MG-Glass-Filled products and many more. Also we are pleased to advise that Avoplas in corporation with our manufacturing partner companies accepts projects for manufacturing of FRP and GRC materials as per our customers specifications and requirements. We provide a complete package of services for the supply of products including advice, design, manufacturing and logistics. Avoplas works closely with experts of FRP and GRC manufacturing and we have access to facilities for fast production and delivery according to the project schedule. Avoplas is your right business partner for supply and manufacturing of various plastic products. We help our customers with selection of the right materials and cost-effective solutions to their manufacturing needs. 

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