Acetal Sheets, Tubes and Rods


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Avoplas is a supplier of Acetal (trademark of Delrin and Celcon) products such as sheets, tubes and rods. Acetal (Poly-Oxy-Methylene - POM or also known as polymethylene glycol) is a strong thermoplastic engineering material with high wear resistance and stiffness, excellent dimensional stability and very low moisture absorption. More information on the material is available from HEREAcetal is supplied in white and black colours, in shapes such as sheets, rods, bars and tubes. Acetal shows excellent machinability and high hardness and stiffness, which makes acetal a great engineering material for manufacturing of precision gears and bearings that tolerate higher temperatures with a very low coeffecient of friction. Acetal also has good electrical and dielectric properties.



Acetal Delrin Specification Sheet



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