Acrylic Sheets, Tubes and Rods


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  • Frosted sheet
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  • Mirroed sheet
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Avoplas is the sole representative of Jokema Industry Co., Ltd in Australia. Jokema is based in Taiwan and manufactures various cast acrylic (PMMA) sheet materials and other acrylic forms and shapes such as acrylic rods and tubes. 

Specifications and properties of the acrylic materials can be found here. Avoplas in corporation with Jokema supports customers with the selection of right materials and sizing, manufacturing and logistics from the factory to the door. We can customize shipments and provide our customers with the right and cost-effective supply solutions of any type of cast acrylic materials. We supply acrylic products for various applications such as architectural, sanitary and industrial. Sizes, shapes and colours are diverse. Avoplas supply any type and shapes to suit the requirements and specifications from the customers. Acrylic (PMMA) products can be supplied in clear (transparent), colored, mirrored, frosted, glittered forms or with diamond form.

Acrylic (PMMA) products are almost 10 times stronger than normal glass in terms of impact resistance and they are much lighter in weight. They can be used for lighting, signs, display units and many more applications.

We are also pleased to advise that we partner with Australian acrylic product fabricators who are able to do laser cutting, CNC machining and customization of various designs for specific applications. We have customers that require specific fabrication jobs from acrylic materials to be done in Australia based on their specific design and drawings. We support any type of fabrication requirements to suit the customer's specifications.

Cast acrylic sheets can be manufactured in various sizes and thicknesses. For example, standard sizes of 1220 mm x 2440 mm are widely used by customers. Thickness can also vary from 2.0 mm up to 75 mm. Customized sizes can also be manufactured.

Other acrylic products and accessories with various shapes and sizes can also be supplied such as Acrylic Tubes (extruded), Rods (extruded or cast), Bars, Hinges and Spheres. polycarbonate (PC) materials are also another available material. For more details on the acrylic accessories such as ACP and PCT, and ACR and ACT range, and the information on the sizes and shapes available, please check the sheets available from the links below at the Download Section.



Acrylic Sheet Dimensions and Sizes
Acrylic Accessories (ACP & PCT)
Acrylic Accessories (ACR & ACT)


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