Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP)


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Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) (also known as fibre/fiber-reinforced polymer) is a composite that is made from fibers of various possible materials such as glass-fiber, carbon fiber, and polymers such as epoxy resins. FRPs are important industrial/commercial composite materials. FRP can be engineered based on the properties of the materials that it goes in contact with and application that it serves. For example, FRP storage tanks for acidic and alkaline solutions, fume scrubbers made from FRP to be resistant against the corrosive fumes and gases. Applications of the equipment or accessories made of FRP are extensively broad. FRPs can be used in water and wastewater industries, oil/gas and petrochemical industries, chemical industries, automotive industries, paint industries and many more. 

Avoplas supports its customers for the design, manufacturing and supply of various types of FRP products. Examples can be stadium seats that can be manufactured from FRP materials to be strong, light and UV-resistant. We work closely with strong FRP manufactures and support our customers from design process up to the logistics and delivery. Drawing below is an example of the stadium seats for reference only.

Stadium Seats


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