Glass-Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC - GFRC)


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Glass-Fiber Reinforced Concrete - GRC or GFRC - (also known as glass-fiber reinforced cement) is a composite material made from glass-fiber and cement. Cement used in the GRC composite can be Ordinary Portland Cement, blended with alkali-resistant fiberglass material, sand (GRC specific), admixtures and pigments.

Avoplas is pleased to advise that we provide advice, design, manufacturing of GRC materials and supply solutions including the logistics of the GRC materials. We work closely with our strong GRC manufacturers and partners and can work on various construction and structural requirements. Applications of the GRC materials can be diverse. GRC panels for example are important architectural (non-structural) building blocks such as in facade panels of the buildings. GRC panels also serve as structural components of the buildings and structures. 

Examples of the applications of GRC can be in train stations and shopping centers. Whether there is a wind-load or not, GRC can be designed to the specification and requirements of the building site. Our team can supply any form and shape of the GRC panels and we can customize GRC materials and panels to suit the site specifications. GRC sandwich panels can also be manufactured for example with the right insulation materials to suit the site requirements.

Recommended specification for manufacture, curing and testing of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC - GFRC) products can be found here.

GRC products can be pre-cast (pre-fabricated) and shipped to the site. We help our customers from the early stages of the project to the delivery point. Should you have any requirements for GRC products, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be able to help you.

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