PEEK Sheets, Rods, Powder and Granules



Avoplas is a supplier of PEEK (polyether ether ketone), which is a high performance thermoplastic engineering material that can tolerate high temperatures to around 250 °C (better than Polyphenylene sulfide - PPS). PEEK shows very low smoke and toxic gas emission when goes in contact with flame. PEEK has a very high chemical and water resistance. PEEK has good machinability and is used fabrication of industrial parts such as in bearings, valves. PEEK is also used in advanced biomedical applications such as in surgical implants in Spinal Lumbar Fusion. It is also a strong material that can be used in ultra-high vacuum applications. PEEK can also is supplied as a composite materials filled with glass-fiber or carbon fiber (for example 30% filled). PEEK composites filled with fibers show much higher strength properties when compared to pure PEEK material.

We collaborate with our PEEK raw material manufcaturer for the supply of pure resins and compounds in form of powder and granules. We supply PEEK coarse powder, fine powder and ultrafine powder. Customized specifications are also accepted for manufacturing. Various series of products are available through different processes such as extrusion, compression moulding, compression moulding coating, etc. We supply materials with different flow characteristics. Below are some of grades of raw PEEK materials that we can supply.


PEEK Raw Material Grades:

  • Powder
  • Fine Powder
  • Ultra-Fine Powder
  • Granules
  • Glass-fiber-filled
  • Carbon-fiber-filled
  • PTFE/Carbon-fiber/Graphite-Filled 


  • Semiconductor production equipment parts
  • Surgical implants such as spinal lumbar fusion
  • Cleaning jigs
  • Chemicals industry equipment part
  • Precision equipment parts
  • Pump components
  • Light mounting
  • Plug parts



PEEK Specification Sheet



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