Polyamide P84 Filter Bags and Industrial Dust Collection Systems


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Avoplas provides advice, selection, manufacturing and supply solutions on various industrial dust collection equipment such bag-houses and associated filter bags. Bag-houses are used in industries such as steel, cement, chemical factories, where normally furnaces and kilns are in operation and separation of small particles of dust from the exhaust gas flow is important and critical. Also industries such as zinc oxide plants use dust collection equipment to collect the zinc oxide powder as their end-product. Environmental regulations dictates the level of particle size emission to the atmosphere. We help our customers to understand optimized solutions for their dust collection requirements. 

More specifically, we work with manufacturers of the high-performance Polyamide P84 filter bags and felts. P84 tolerates a high temperature of operation to around 260 °C. Many industries require high temperatures for dust collection and P84 is providing a good performance at higher temperatures compared to other materials such as Nomex.

We can assist with other types of needle felts for dust collection as well. Some examples of the materials are: Polyester, (Aramid) Nomex, Acrylic, P84, PPS, PTFE and fiberglass. We also help our customers with felt materials for liquid filtration. Felts for filtration with efficiency of more than 99.9% can be supplied. Width of felts can be customized up to 2.2 m and there is no limit on the length. We offer solutions to any type of filter bag/felt production and we are able to customize as per customers' requirements and specifications. We also supply filter cartridges, cartridge fabrics, filter cages and Venturi tubes associated with the filter bag designs with a wide range of diameters.


Another category of materials of supply is PE/PP/PA Woven Fabrics. For example, we can supply Polypropylene (PP) filter cloths with acid/alkali resistance.


As the types of materials and process conditions are very broad, we provide advice of selection of the right material and shape as well as supply solutions for any types of filter cloths toour customer. Should you have any specific requirements for supply of filtration fabrics or any accessories for this industry, or for any complete bag-house package manufacturing, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will assist you further.



P84 & PTFE Composited Felt



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